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About Us


Ensuring high-quality, accredited education is accessible to everyone, everywhere.


  • Offer an innovative and creative work environment for our employees.
  • Ensure a can-do proactive attitude towards any and all complaints from our customers.
  • Maintain a personalised, human service from enquiry, registration through to certification.
  • Build and maintain a brand that is trustworthy, recognised and beneficial.
  • Consistently invest in, experiment with and utilise technological advancements to improve all areas of business.
  • Be recognised as the fastest growing provider of accredited education globally. See below for a graphic representing all the countries where we have had registrations from so far.

Our Presence


  • Educate - High-quality, certified education helps individuals and nations to progress and prosper.
  • Empower - When people are empowered they take on responsibility for their learning, teaching and duties in all aspects of their life. Empowered people are enabled to find creative solutions.
  • Evolve - We want to be at the forefront of educational advancement, to revolutionise the perception and experience of e-Learning, to make quality e-Learning accessible, affordable and achievable for every person who wants to learn.

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