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Effective Lesson Planning

CPD course

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  • Self-Paced Distance Learning
  • Effective Lesson Planning CPD Course
  • 11.00
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Effective Lesson Planning

This course is designed to support teachers in creating more effective lesson plans by aligning their plans with their students’ needs and learning styles. It is based on the content of one of the topics in Unit 2 from the Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

Course Structure:

This course is a thirty minute three-credit CPD course. There is a downloadable certificate once you complete the online test.

What you'll learn:

    • Supporting teachers/educators develop the skills required to create, evaluate or modify a course through the construction of lesson plans.
    • Teachers will learn ways to plan lessons and units of instruction and to identify textbooks, instructional media and resources.
    • During the duration of the course you will be able to view videos, read articles or research papers, complete interactive knowledge checks as well as a final exam or exercise.

Key features of the course:

Emphasis is on lesson planning and related skills such as key things to include when planning lessons, from learning styles to diffrentiated delivery and SMART goals to setting aims and outcomes and icebreakers.

The  Effective Lesson Planning CPD course is available for all candidates who fulfill the following criteria:

Age range: 18+

Core skills: There are no formal entry requirements for this training course however candidate must have reading and writing skills in order to complete the course.

Access to Internet using a laptop / pc / tablet using up to date Windows, Android or Apple operating systems.

  • Use Schemes of Work & Lesson Plan
  • Use SMART goals
  • Plan keeping in mind individual learner needs, resources and assessments
  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of planning
  • Differentiate between Aims & Objectives

Participants are required to complete an online quiz at the end of the course.
  • Self-Paced Distance Learning
  • Effective Lesson Planning CPD Course
  • 11.00
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