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Managing Classroom

This course supports in learning best practices in classroom and behavior management. The course is developed to assist teachers from organizing time, materials, and classroom space to strategies for managing individual and large group student behaviors, transitions and other arrangements for classrooms in general.

Who can take up this course?

The course caters to teachers teaching for years or new teachers starting their careers.

Course Structure

This course is a thirty minute three-credit graduate level course.

What you'll learn-

    • During the duration of the course you will be able to attend lectures, self – readings or research papers, reflections, applied practice assignments and a final exam or exercise.
    • This course will provide you with tools and techniques to implement practices that are likely to engage learners effectively, to prevent problems before they arise.

This course focuses on three main areas:

    • Effective Management of Classrooms
    • Inclusive Classrooms
    • Using Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Education & Training


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Managing Classroom CPD Course

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