Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships in Education & Training

Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education & Training

As a teacher, one of your main roles is to motivate your learners to develop their ability and aspiration to learn. You may read about delivering training and facilitating learning, but in reality you do much more than that. Your role is not just about teaching your subject or preparing learners for assessment. This course will help you develop skills to impart knowledge and work with students from various backgrounds.

Who can take up this course?

This course is specially designed for candidates who are in a teaching/training role but do not have a formal qualification or are considering a change in career and need an introduction to teaching.

Course Structure

This course is a thirty minute three-credit graduate level course.

What you'll learn-

    • It will give you an insight into the roles, responsibilities and relationships involved in education and training; how to plan and deliver inclusive teaching/training sessions and how to assess and give constructive feedback.
    • During the duration of the course you will be able to attend lectures, self – readings or research papers, reflections, applied practice assignments and a final exam or exercise.


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