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Level 3 Award in Managing Contractors Compliance with Health and Safety

This Level 3 Award is part of our OAL accredited Occupational Health and Safety qualifications. It is accredited RQF Level 3 Award for management of H&S compliance of contractors on-site.

Course Overview

Who can take up this course?

The qualification is aimed at the person who is responsible for health and safety management or supervision of contractors in the workplace. The contractor will already have the relevant approval to work on site where required by the company.

It is suitable for you if want to simply learn about or if you are responsible for compliance in Health and Safety while managing contractors on site. It includes topics such as: monitoring attendance, conducting on-site health & safety requirements by observing entry, exit and on-site movements. It is also about reporting on issues which are outside your own area of responsibility or competence.

This qualification leads to the following qualifications:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety 
How does ELN conduct the delivery and assessment?

The Level 3 Award in Managing Contractor H&S is delivered completely online and is assessed online as well through typed assignments and work-based evidence. Our qualified, subject expert, personal tutor will be available to you throughout your studies to assess and support you and help you complete your Diploma in H&S.

Key details

The qualification is about the essential aspects of the role when contractors are involved in using the premises and facilities. It includes monitoring attendance, conduct and site health & safety requirements by observing entry, exit and on-site movements. It is also about reporting to other issues which are outside your own area of responsibility or competence.

This qualification will support progression of learners to:

  • The unit is allocated a credit value which provides an indication of the size of the unit in terms of learning hours, 1 credit = 10 learning hour
  • The credit value for this course is 9, with TQT of 86 hours – this is an indication of the minimum length of time it would take the average learner to complete this qualification

The qualification consists of a competence unit which is designed to assess the learner performance in respect of applied skills and knowledge in the workplace when carrying out operational tasks required by their role

  • Assessed online as well through typed assignments and work-based evidence. 

Pre-course requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for learners selecting this qualification

Learner must be 18 years of age and access to workplace is recommended

All coursework and assessments are in English

Course Brochure

Would you like to read in more detail what the ELN Level 3 MCHS course entails? Download our course brochure now!

Your course Tutors

  • Mark Bresland Mark Bresland EFL Tutor

    Mark is ELN’s Training Manager as well as being one of our most highly rated tutors. He supports students on our DET, IQA, EQA and some Assessor courses. He has amassed over 23 years of training experience, working with all organisational levels, creating, promoting and delivering training solutions in both the public and private sectors, working throughout the UK, Middle East and Africa. He holds numerous qualifications in learning and development including the Diploma in Education and Training, Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement, Certificate in Leading Internal Quality Assurance and the Award in External Quality Assurance.

Units and Learning Outcomes

  1. Check that all relevant documentation has been issued/received 
  2. Ensure that the induction process for contractors has been carried out
  3. Check that contractors have the approval to work on site
  4. Provide and monitor access/egress to premises and facilities for approved contractors
  5. Monitor contractor activities to ensure compliance with safe working practices commensurate with the level of risk to the contractor and the effects of their work on others
  6. Follow approved procedures for dealing with any problems that arise during the use of premises and facilities 

  1. Describe the approved procedures that must be followed when organising access, security and health and safety arrangements, taking into account turnover of workers 
  2. Explain the approvals required for different types of contractor activities and the importance of checking that they have been granted by the appropriate person(s)
  3. Describe the types of problems that can arise during the use of premises and facilities, and the procedures that must be used to deal with such problems
  4. Explain the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency and/or drill
  5. State the location of emergency exits and emergency equipment and the importance of making contractors aware of these 
  6. Explain the checks that must be carried out to ensure that premises and facilities are left safe and secure during and after use
  7. Describe the records that have to be kept, the importance of completing them accurately, and who is authorised to access them
  8. Explain the right access/egress points and arrangements for contractors
  9. Explain what your instructions are for monitoring contractor activity and the possible consequences of failing to follow the instructions
  10. Explain what the expected standards are in terms of contractor welfare facilities , conduct and adherence to site health and safety legislation


Assessment is done portfolio-based through work-based evidence. 

Theoretical essay type assignments are also included.

If you do not have access to current work as a H&S officer then please speak to a member of staff on 02033717309, email [email protected] or click on the webchat below.

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