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We provide a wide array of courses

We provide a wide array of courses ranging from Education & Training Courses, Assessor Courses to Quality Assurance courses. All our courses are accredited by UK Awarding Bodies like Pearson-Edexcel and NOCN.

Education and Training

  • Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Courses

    Qualify as an Internal Verifier or Lead Internal Verifier. Part of the TAQA. Accredited by NOCN or Pearson. Instalments available.

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  • Level 3 Assessor Courses

    Part of the TAQA suite. Choose units depending on classroom or work-based assessment. Ideal for assessing apprenticeships.

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  • Level 4 External Quality Assurance

    Theory unit available. No External Verifier experience required. 2-3 years as an Internal Verifier required.

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  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training

    Accredited by Pearson Edexcel and NOCN. Become qualified to teach in your specialist area. Self-paced. No hidden charges.

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  • Level 4 Certificate in Education & Training

    Exemptions accepted. Interest free instalments. Accredited by Pearson Edexcel or NOCN. Get observed in-house.

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  • Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

    Accredited by Pearson. Interest free instalments and no hidden fees. Get observed in-house. Choose from 20+ optional units.

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Health and Safety

  • Level 5 Diploma in Occupational H&S

    Our Level 5 Diploma in Health & Safety is accredited by Occupational Awards Limited (OAL) and recognised by IOSH.

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  • Level 3 Award in Managing Contractors Compliance with Health and Safety

    Accredited by OAL and aimed at people who are responsible for health and safety management and supervision of contractors in their workplace.

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Security Trainer Training

  • Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management

    One of the qualifications required to become an SIA Trainer. Others are the Level 3 AET and the Level 3 Physical Intervention.

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CPD - Education & Training

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

    This course covers the basics of identifying, supporting, managing behaviour and effectively communicating with students on the Autism Spectrum.

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  • Focusing on Learning Difficulties in Classrooms

    This short course focuses on identifying a range of learning difficulties, what they are and how to manage the behaviours that can occur

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  • Effective Lesson Planning

    Do this course for a refresher on the basics of planning in Education and Training. It covers Scheme of Work, Lesson Plans, SMART goals and Aims, Objectives etc

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  • Effective Classroom Management

    There's more to managing a classroom than just behaviour. Learn more about how to arrange your resources and cater to your students' needs to ensure productivity and learning.

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  • Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education & Training

    This is also the Unit 1 for the Level 3 AET / PTLLS and the Level 4 CET / CTLLS. Use this course to study for these units or just as a refresher.

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  • Teaching Appropriate Behaviours and Effective Coping Skills

    Learn more about topics like Behavioral, Emotional & Social Disorder (EBD) and differentiating between childhood defiance and actual disorders.

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  • Teaching Students with Sensory and Physical Impairments CPD Course

    This course covers various types of sensory impairments, their symptoms and how to effectively teach and manage students affected by them.

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