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PGCE vs DET | Webinar

PGCE vs DET | Webinar

Not sure which qualification is right for you, the level 5 DET or PGCE? We've got you covered.

PGCE vs DET | Webinar

Are you confused between the PGCE and Level 5 DET qualifications? Join our live session with our Training Manager, Mark Bresland to find out which qualification is right for you and get answers to all your FAQs!

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You can view our live session here:

Read more about our Level 5 DET course here.

Start Date: 07 May 2021
End Date: 07 May 2021
25 Seats Available
Suitable for: All Professionals
Timings: 11:00 am - 11:45 am GMT+1
Location: Online
Price: Free
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